Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Orleans!

Nathan and I spent the most amazing five days together in New Orleans! We had the BEST vacation...and here are 1,343 pictures to show just that.

And we're off!

To Izzo's. Nathan has talked about this burrito shop non-stop in the 8 1/2 years we've been together...

And he wasn't kidding - the burritos really are the size of your face.

Welcome to Bourbon Street! Population: The two most sober people in town.

New Orleans gets spooky!

I have a feeling I'm going to love it here.

Lafitte's - the oldest bar in the United States, opened in the mid-1700's!

Trying their signature drink, which was essentially a blended up Otter Pop. Plus alcohol of some sort.

A quieter night on Bourbon...

I don't believe you.

You had to sign a waiver to taste these hot sauces!

But nothing a little gelato can't cool down.

Cupcake Gelato for the Mrs. and Pistachio for the Mr..

And no matter where we went, you could always hear jazz. :)

The Prince Conti Hotel - the perfect "home" away from home.

The next morning, we enjoyed the beautiful weather...

And beignets.


Taking in the sights of the city...

Then it was off to the Machac Swamp!

Possibly just a clever name.

Just like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! Only you can get eaten.

I spy...


Can you see the one swimming across?

A cemetery built in 1915, in the middle of the swamp...

Oh, hey, creepy.

I'll just stand as far away as possible, thanks.

But I did make a new friend!

We survived!

Halloween in New Orleans!

Time to go to Pat O'Brien's...

And try the world famous Hurricane. Gettin' it done.

I was pretty excited that a police officer let me pet his horse.

The following morning, while Nathan attended his conference, I explored more of the city, which included a sampling of the delicious crepes they offer here. Note: Was Not Disappointed.

The Tomb of Marie Laveau at St. Louis Cemetery.

Unknown Occupant, but with the "X" markings, definitely a Voodoo Practitioner...

The tomb was also covered in offerings from visitors.

The tombs ranged from dilapidated brick...

To those made of imported marble from Italy.

So peaceful and incredibly stunning.

The juxtaposition of graves from the 1700's to the "new" of Downtown New Orleans.

After all that walking, how better to reward myself than with a good book and many more beignets.

Also, I might be a Disney Princess.


Enjoying what turned out to be a very mediocre dinner...

See how happy I was? Forced!

Followed by a beautiful trip down the Mississippi River on a steamboat!

Grammy-Nominated "Dukes of Dixieland" provided jazz as we floated down the River...

Another beautiful day in New Orleans...

I also went to the Villalobos Rescue Center (as seen on "Pit Bulls & Parolees"), where I snuggled and cuddled a bunch of fantastic pitties!

Last night! Dinner at Bhava - the only vegan restaurant in Louisiana and probably all of the South (I'm assuming).

This "cheese" board was unbelievable - so so so good!

Thai Zucchini Noodles. Nathan and I agree - this was the best meal we had in New Orleans, and one of the top dinners we've had in general!

Then we headed over to "The Mortuary", a haunted house that is staged in an actual haunted house!

With a graveyard on the grounds no less. I mean, come on.

No, that's cool, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

Pretty thrilled about our decision to do this.

We made it! According to Nathan, I just screamed the entire time. THE ENTIRE TIME.

And our final night wouldn't be complete without jazz at Irvin Mayfield's Playhouse.

Cheers to the most incredible vacation with my husband! Let's not wait another 5 years to do it again. :)